We have always been a little bit uncertain and even struggle sometimes whether our four-legged friends eat well or not.  Or is the food really good for their health?


3 key factors of high quality pet food

1. Recipe 2. Ingredient 3. Production technique

NatureBridge recipe is designed to offer
a balanced diet that meet FEDIAF nutrition standard.

Natural ingredients combined with minerals & vitamins.

Healthy Food with Herbs

NatureBridge use traditional Oriental herbal knowledge to design recipes that strengthen and balance the body's various processes, properties and energies at different life stages and lifestyles.

The recipe is designed to provide not only complete nutrition but also specific functional support with herbs. For example, we add lily root to help beautiful the skin and fur, Goji berry to enhance the well-being, Poria to provide sterilized care, Astragalus to boost immune system etc.

With these beneficial herbs, our recipe can regulate the your pet's body in long term.


We have selected ingredients and
recipes that promote optimal performance, healthy skin, coat and easy digestion for cats & dogs with sensitive orallergy prone systems.

Gluten Free

The intestinal of cat and dog is
very different from human, that is more likely to get allergy to gluten.

Common symptoms for gluten
intolerance are skin problems (itching and hair loss), vomiting, or diarrhea.
The most serious condition is causing celiac disease. In this case, the pet will suffer from malnutrition and even poor growth.

Our "Gluten Free" recipe replace the gluten ingredient with rice & pea, which avoid gluten from the very beginning.

NatureBridge Pet Parents' Choice