Terms of sevice

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.


Regarding Naturebridge.eu webstore solution.

Sale of quality food for dog and cat.

Product information can be found in the product description.

Pricing:  All prices are in Euro and are shown including value added tax. The total cost of the purchase will appear before the order and include all costs associated with the purchase such as fees, fees and delivery costs.

Disclaimers We reserve the right to make any printing errors regarding price and information on the goods / services on the site. Please contact us if you have any questions. We want to give you good help and a successful trade!

Processing of orders and deliveries All orders from the online store will be dispatched and shipped within 3-6 business days after the order is received. Transmission confirmation is sent by e-mail. If an item is empty, you will be contacted by email or phone. The online store only sends orders to some European countries.

Freight: Shipping costs are shown at check-out in the online store.
Payment: All orders from the online store are paid via 3rd party secure Stripe Payment Solution.


VIGOR & SAGE processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Information that can be linked to you as a person will never be made available to other businesses or linked to other external registers. When you shop at VIGOR & SAGE, the payment is processed by Stripe, which is a secure electronic payment solution. No card information is stored in our online store.

Cancellation:  If you wish to cancel the goods, you must contact VIGOR & SAGE immediately by e-mail or phone. Accrued transport costs will be charged if the goods are shipped from stock.

Complaints If there is a defect in the goods, you must give VIGOR & SAGE in writing within a reasonable time after you discovered it that you will invoke the defect. The batch number and expiration date must be stated.

VIGOR & SAGE will then provide you with information on what to do next. The withdrawal period applies from the day the buyer received the goods and 14 days ahead. If you want to regret the purchase, you must send us a cancellation e-mail before returning the item. We will then arrange return shipping. Refunds for returned goods will be returned to the buyer via Stripe on the same account number from which the payment was made, and no later than 10 days after the seller has received the item in return. The buyer can be charged shipping costs on return.

WARRANTY Satisfaction Guarantee VIGOR & SAGE provides a satisfied guarantee on all products. If the Satisfaction Guarantee is to be invoked, the product must be delivered to the point of sale / delivery place with a valid receipt with a minimum of 50% of the content intact. The customer is then offered a replacement product or a refund of the cost of the product.

This company is owned and operated by:

Address: Eurotec Ring 15, 47445, Moers, Germany
Email: support@naturebridge.eu

(This is not a returning address)