Fine Dining with Herbs


From the very first humans to the present day, the healing and healing properties of herbs were a well-known and integral part of diet and medical science. In today's modern society, this knowledge has again received increased attention, scientists are looking back to ancient times for knowledge & understanding of natures health remedies; wild animal herbal behavior, to solve many of today's challenges.

One example of this knowledge is traditional Chinese herbal medicine which is more than 7000 years old. Herbs have been used to balance and strengthen the body's various processes, properties and energies. With today's science, much of this ancient knowledge has been confirmed.

NatureBridge has employed this knowledge & understanding in every receipt, this allows us to bring the very best diet to you & your pet throughout all life stage & life styles.


3 key factors of high quality pet food

1. Recipe 2. Ingredient 3. Production technique

The recipe is designed to provide not only complete nutrition but also specific functional support with herbs.

For example, we add lily root to help beautiful the skin and coat, Goji berry to enhance the well-being, Poria to provide sterilized care, Astragalus to boost immune system etc.

With these beneficial herbs, our recipe can regulate the your pet's body in long term.


Antioxidant properties, Boosts immune system, Supports heart function, Supports liver and renal function.


Known as the "king of forage", Contains rich protein, Vitamins and amino acids. Rich in dietary fiber, Supports Gastrointestinal mobility.

Codonopsis root

Anti-stress adaptogen, Strengthens immune system, Protects the gastrointestinal mucosa.


Rich in Vitamins and flavonoids, Helps nourish skin, Improves immunity.

Goji Berry

Powerful antioxidant, Protects nervous system, Regulates immune system, Favorable for blood glucose and insulin regulation, Improves general well-being.

Lily Root

Rich in vitamins that supports the skin, Potent antioxidant, Antifungal properties (may improve tear staining), Anti-inflammatory.


Supports digestion, Helps immune function, Increases urine production.


Reduce formation of plaque and calculus, Inhibit harmful oral bacteria, Strengthens immune system, Prevents hypersensitivity.


Reduces harmful pet gas emissions, Increases absorption of protein, Improves the disease resistance.

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