Making Pet Food Transparent

NatureBridge gathered many outstanding talents, pet nutrition experts and clinical veterinarians.

NatureBridge products contain natural ingredients based on "low oil, less salt, low sensitivity" principle.

We believe that "daily balanced diet enhances pet's well-being", and apply this spirit into every single product so that your pets can enjoy a healthy, happy and beautiful life.

Every day, NatureBridge products experience in total 72 strict steps from factory to consumer.

All the ingredient suppliers are selected based on 461 quality standards.

Our automatic production line for dry food is 360 degree whole process monitored. All the system is controlled by center computer and processed automatically to avoid pollution risk caused by people and ensure food safety and quality.

3 key factors of high quality pet food

1. Recipe 2. Ingredient 3. Production technique

Every batch of our ingredient is based on strict nutrition proportion, selection and test.

Transported directly by helicopter without worker, then mixed and crushed in scientific proportion.

You are always welcome here to visit our factory online.

Seaweed Coating Technique

Seaweed is to shown

Reduce formation of plaque and calculus
Inhibit harmful oral bacteria
Strengthen the immune system
Prevent hypersensitivity
Produce a shiny coat

Little Know About Pet Food Production Process

Our Production Process

Raw Material → Weighing → Mixing→ Drying → Extruding →Smashing → Coating → Finished Product Mixing → Packing