NatureBridge Brand Story



In the northern fishing village Svolvar, there was an old fisherman, who worked all year round. He goes over the sea at sunrise and returns at sunset. He has an old buddy, Balto, a Labrador dog. Balto watched the old fishermen board the boat every morning, and went to the dock to meet him pick him up in the evening, rain or shine.

The old man is very fond of Balto, and every night he uses the freshest North Sea fish of the day to prepare dinner for it.Twenty years ago, NatureBridge created using fresh sea fish from the North Sea as raw materials, insisted on no added attractions, no gluten, and produced natural high-quality pet food with human food standards. Combining European black technology patents, using natural seaweed spraying and nitrogen-filled fresh-keeping packaging technology, it can better provide pets with fresh and healthy food.

Continuing the concept of treating pets as relatives, NatureBridge hopes that every four-legged friends can be by our side more healthily and for a long time; While providing healthy food for pets, we are also helping more pet parents construct healthy and scientific ways of raising pets, and insist on sharing and disseminating professional pet raising knowledge, skills and experience.
Now, our products have covered more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia, becoming the pet food of choice for 10 million pet parents.