What is Beauty

What is Beauty

It is not from the eye of others, but comes from inner.Good health and beauty are two sides of the same coin.Unless you are healthy from the inside, you cannot reflect true beauty.We named our new recipe as "Beauty", because Health is Beauty, from inside out.

Health is Beauty, from inside out.


Beauty with Yoga

When we talk about health, we came across Yoga. Yoga is more than a sport but a lifestyle that nourishes us and shape our beauty from inside out.

Beauty's creation is inspired by the 3 core visions of Yoga.

• Natural & Pure:

We are part of the nature, and everything we do shall be in compliance with to environmental and social sustainability.
Hence, our materials are all extracted from nature, and processed in an environmentally sustainable way and with ZERO articifial additive added.

• Balance:

A multi-dimensional, rich, non-extreme source of happiness.

We want to create just fit & balanced nutrition recipes.

We want to create just fit & balanced nutrition recipes.

• Self-descipline:

Everything start with the capability to say NO to things you don't want.
We choose not to produce indulgence pet food make sure their long term health.

Nutritious Light Meal Recipe with Patented Production Process

Pet is unlike people who can manage their own health issues or communicate their feelings with people. As pet owners , we need to take the responsiblity of our fur babies health management. Same as mankind, a non-indulgent, balanced and nutritious diet is a kind way for regulating their long-term health.
As we all know that too much salt intake would be a burden on the pet's digestive system. In fact, too much fat and protein could also cause the same problem. In the long run, it shall bring even worse diseases like obesity or other health problems for pets.
In the recipe of beauty, we follow the example of Yoga master's light meal, with less oil and salt addition, as well as multiple nutritious ingredients so as to form the balanced & complete nutrition portfolio.
With the beneficial herbs, our recipe can regulate the your pets' body in longer term.
It has been proven that wild animals seek out and eat special herbs when needed (zoopharmacognosy). The recipe is designed to provide not only complete nutrition but also specific functional support with herbs too. For example, we add lily root to help beautify the pet's skin and fur; we add seaweed to help pets develop healthily, regulate immune function and alleviate the aging progress of them.
• Gluten-free grains protects pets' heart. To prevent allergic reactions in pets, we make our grains gluten-free.
• Salmon is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It contains 13 important vitamins and minerals as well as Omega-3. Helps lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve skin and coat condition.
• Chicken is rich in protein, which helps stimulate muscle development and maintain a healthy weight, and single animal protein reduces allergies.
• Seaweed is considered a superfood because it contains important vitamins and minerals that are not found in other foods. Especially vitamin K, iodine, calcium and iron. It provides skin nutrition, improves vision, and prevents allergies and infections.
• Lily root is an excellent source of vitamins that help maintain the skin for shiny, healthy and beautiful fur.

Patented Production Process

Refuse to add attractant, NatureBridge created two patents on improving the palatability of pet food naturally:
1. Seaweed spraying technology EU patent: improve freshness without attractant
2. Nitrogen-filled preservation technology: ensure taste without preservatives
Health is beauty, from inside out.

Choose NatureBridge Beauty, let your pet be along with you as long as possible.