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  • Recipe

    NatureBridge recipe is designed to offer a balanced diet that meet FEDIAF nutrition standard.

    NatureBridge products contain natural ingredients based on "low oil, less salt, low sensitivity" principle.

    We believe that "daily balanced diet enhances pet's well-being", and apply this spirit into every single product so that your pets can enjoy a healthy, happy and beautiful life.

  • Ingredient

    The recipe is designed to provide not only complete nutrition but also specific functional support with oriental herbs.

    For example, we add lily root to help beautiful the skin and coat, Goji berry to enhance the well-being, Poria to provide sterilized care, Astragalus to boost immune system etc.

    With these beneficial herbs, our recipe can regulate the your pet's body in long term.

  • Production technique

    Every day, NatureBridge products experience in total 72 strict steps from factory to consumer.

    We have two EU black techniques : Seaweed Coating for Oral Health and Plaque control, Nitrogen Preservation for ,
    fresher ingredient and better palatability.

    You are always welcome here to visit our factory online.